The Ultimate Guide to the Top 20 Casino Restaurants in The World

Here are the top casino restaurants around the world. Each one provides a unique culinary experience that matches, if not surpasses, the thrill of the gaming tables


What are Casino Restaurants?

Casino restaurants are dining establishments located inside or adjacent to casinos. They offer guests a convenient and exciting option for meals before, during, or after gambling. Casino restaurants run the gamut from cheap buffets to upscale eateries headed by celebrity chefs. Their menus feature a wide variety of cuisines to satisfy any palate. Patrons can enjoy anything from classic steakhouse fare to sushi to Italian dishes. Dining at a casino restaurant provides a lively ambiance surrounded by the sounds of slot machines and table games. These restaurants allow you to fuel up without ever leaving the thrilling casino environment.

Across the globe, from the United States to Europe, Asia, and Australia, there are numerous casino restaurants that offer a unique blend of gastronomy and gaming. Here's our list, sorted by continents!

Best Casino Restaurants in America

Las Vegas and Atlantic City lead as the American capitals of casino cuisine. Here is our shortlist of the best American casino restaurants.

Restaurant Guy Savoy, Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas is a culinary paradise, home to a plethora of world-class restaurants. Among these, the Restaurant Guy Savoy stands out as a beacon of gastronomic excellence. This esteemed establishment is the brainchild of renowned French chef Guy Savoy, who has successfully transplanted his Michelin-starred Parisian restaurant to the heart of Las Vegas.

The restaurant's location within Caesars Palace offers diners breathtaking views of the vibrant Las Vegas Strip, adding an extra layer of allure to the dining experience. However, it's the food that truly steals the show. The menu at Restaurant Guy Savoy is a testament to the chef's mastery of French cuisine, featuring a variety of meticulously crafted dishes that are as visually stunning as they are delicious.

dining table in one of the best casino restaurants

One of the highlights of the dining experience at Restaurant Guy Savoy is the tasting menu. This carefully curated selection of dishes allows diners to embark on a culinary journey through the chef's innovative interpretations of classic French fare. Signature dishes include the artichoke and black truffle soup, a rich and earthy concoction that perfectly balances the distinct flavors of its main ingredients. The quail stuffed with foie gras is another standout, offering a decadent taste of French luxury.

For those with a sweet tooth, the chocolate soufflé is a must-try. This classic French dessert is executed to perfection at Restaurant Guy Savoy, providing a fittingly indulgent conclusion to the meal. To complement the exquisite food, the restaurant also boasts an extensive wine list, ensuring that every dish can be paired with the perfect glass of wine.

However, the appeal of Restaurant Guy Savoy extends beyond the food and drink. The service is equally impressive, with a team of attentive and knowledgeable staff members who are dedicated to providing an unparalleled dining experience. From the moment you step into the restaurant, you are treated to a level of hospitality that matches the high standard set by the cuisine.

In summary, Restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars Palace offers a dining experience that is nothing short of world-class. With its combination of exceptional cuisine, impeccable service, and a prime location, it is undoubtedly one of the top casino restaurants in the world.

Bazaar Meat by Jose Andres, Sahara Hotel and Casino

The Sahara Las Vegas, formerly known as the SLS, is home to one of the world's top casino restaurants - Bazaar Meat by José Andrés. This culinary gem, which was renamed on August 29, 2019, is a testament to the ongoing renovation efforts by Meruelo. The restaurant is a wild and wonderful celebration of all things carnivorous, offering an extraordinary dining experience that combines the ground-breaking culinary artistry of Michelin-starred chef José Andrés and his team.

Bazaar Meat is not just a restaurant; it's a culinary spectacle. It offers a wide array of steaks, all dry-aged in-house, and a menu that spans the globe with dishes like Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef, prepared tableside on an Ishiyaki stone, and Spanish charcuterie such as Ibérico de Bellota from Salamanca and Cinco Jotas from Andalucía. Mexican influences are also present in the form of anticuchos, a traditional street food dish.

The restaurant's atmosphere is as enticing as its menu, boasting a retro Vegas vibe that perfectly complements the innovative cuisine. The display of meat is a sight to behold, with chefs hard at work on the grill, crafting each dish into a masterpiece.

In addition to its impressive meat offerings, Bazaar Meat also boasts a creative cocktail menu. From the Mediterranean Gin Tonic featuring Gin Mare and Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic to the Aladdin Manhattan “Smoked” with Buffalo Trace bourbon, sweet vermouth, aromatic, and orange bitters, there's a drink to suit every palate.

As of today, Chef Andrés currently has four restaurants in Vegas: Bazaar Meat in Sahara Las Vegas and Jaleo, China Poblano and é by José Andrés in The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. However, the timeline for opening new spots is estimated to be between 2023 and 2024.

With its combination of exceptional cuisine, a vibrant atmosphere, and a prime location in the Sahara Las Vegas on the Las Vegas Strip, Bazaar Meat by José Andrés truly stands out as one of the top casino restaurants in the world.

Michael Mina, Bellagio

Michael Mina, a renowned chef and restaurateur, has made a significant impact on the global culinary scene. Born in Cairo, he moved to the United States as a teenager and began his illustrious career in San Francisco's seafood-centric restaurant, Aqua. His first restaurant, AQUA, which he opened with Chef Morrone in 1991, received national acclaim and rave reviews. During his tenure as AQUA's executive chef from 1993 to 2002, Mina was awarded Rising Star Chef of the Year (1997) and Best Chef: California (2002) by the James Beard Foundation Awards.

Today, Mina is the founder of the Mina Group, a San Francisco-based restaurant management company that operates over 40 restaurants worldwide. He serves as the executive chef at his two namesake restaurants in San Francisco and Las Vegas, both of which have earned a star in the Michelin Guide. Jason Himber is the Chief Executive Officer of the MINA Group.

One of Mina's most acclaimed establishments is his eponymous restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. This internationally recognized restaurant invites guests to experience the artistry of the seven seas through its award-winning seafood selections. The menu, driven by the seasons, features innovative seafood preparations and a range of fresh raw bar shellfish. Signature dishes include Mina's famed lobster pot pie and the bright-pink, melt-in-your-mouth ahi tuna tartare served with habanero-infused sesame oil.

Mina's restaurants are spread across various locations, including Washington D.C., South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee, Dubai, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Washington, and Maryland. His latest venture, Bungalow Kitchen, located in Tiburon, offers California cuisine in a relaxed but chic atmosphere with spectacular views of San Francisco, Angel Island, and the bay.

In conclusion, Michael Mina's restaurant at the Bellagio Hotel & Casino stands out as one of the top casino restaurants in the world. With its elegant take on modern American cuisine, refined setting, beautifully plated dishes, and award-winning wine list, it provides a perfect spot for a special occasion in Las Vegas.

Nobu, Caesars Palace, Virgin Hotels

As of August 1, 2023, the world of casino dining offers a plethora of culinary delights. Among the top 20 casino restaurants globally, Nobustands out as a prominent name. This renowned restaurant chain, co-founded by Nobuyuki "Nobu" Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, and Meir Teper, is celebrated for its innovative fusion of traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients.

Nobu's locations at Caesars Palace and Virgin Hotels in Las Vegas are particularly noteworthy. These establishments serve an array of Nobu's signature dishes, including the famous yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño, rock shrimp tempura, and miso-marinated black cod. The restaurants also offer an extensive selection of sake and cocktails, catering to a wide range of tastes.

The ambiance at Nobu is as impressive as its menu. The dining rooms, characterized by their sleek, modern design, provide a hip and stylish setting for guests to enjoy Nobu's unique new-style Japanese cuisine. The dress code is smart elegant for dinner and smart casual for lunch, ensuring an atmosphere of sophistication and class.

As of December 2021, the Nobu chain had expanded to 50 restaurants worldwide, with locations in cities such as Beijing, Budapest, Cape Town, Dallas, Dubai, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mexico City, Miami, Milan, Moscow, New York, Perth, San Diego, Tokyo, and Waikiki. This global presence underscores Nobu's status as one of the most recognized Japanese restaurants in the world.

In addition to its innovative cuisine and stylish ambiance, Nobu is also known for its high standards of service. The staff is attentive and friendly, contributing to an overall dining experience that leaves guests feeling like celebrities. Whether you're enjoying a meal at Nobu after a day at the casino or simply seeking a memorable dining experience, this world-class restaurant chain promises a feast for the senses.

Gordon Ramsay Steak, Paris Hotel and Casino

Among the top 20 casino restaurants in the world, one stands out for its unique blend of British flair and Las Vegas glamour - Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas.

Helmed by the fiery and internationally renowned chef, Gordon Ramsay, this steakhouse is a testament to his exacting standards and culinary prowess. The restaurant, which opened in 2012, has since become a must-visit dining destination on the Las Vegas Strip. It's not just the high-stakes games that draw guests to this location, but also the promise of an unforgettable dining experience.

At Gordon Ramsay Steak, the menu is a carnivore's dream. Prime cuts of beef are aged to perfection under the watchful eye of Ramsay and his culinary team. From Wagyu to Angus, each cut is cooked to perfection in a wood-burning oven that reaches temperatures of 1,200°F. The result is a steak that is tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor.

But the delights at Gordon Ramsay Steak extend beyond the main course. Side dishes like truffle mac and cheese complement the bold flavors of the steaks, creating a harmonious symphony of tastes. And for those with a sweet tooth, the dessert menu does not disappoint.

The ambiance of the restaurant is as impressive as its menu. With a towering ceiling adorned with the Union Jack flag, the decor pays homage to Ramsay's British roots. Red leather booths add a touch of sophistication, while the two-story dining area provides ample space for guests to enjoy their meal. For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, private dining rooms are also available.

In addition to its regular offerings, Gordon Ramsay Steak also features seasonal dishes and tasting menus, providing guests with an opportunity to sample a variety of the chef's creations. Whether you're a fan of Ramsay's television shows or simply a food enthusiast, a visit to Gordon Ramsay Steak promises a dining experience that is as thrilling as a roll of the dice.

Vanderpump à Paris, Paris Hotel and Casino

Vanderpump à Paris, located in the heart of Las Vegas at the Paris Hotel and Casino, is a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and fans of Lisa Vanderpump alike. This glamorous restaurant, owned by Lisa Vanderpump and her husband Ken Todd, who have a history of owning 36 successful restaurants, bars, and clubs across the United Kingdom and the United States, offers an immersive Parisian experience right in the middle of Las Vegas.

The dress code at Vanderpump à Paris is casual, allowing women to wear anything from jeans to an elegant ball gown, while men can opt for a T-shirt, a collared shirt and dress pants, or even a suit. However, it's important to note that the venue is strictly for those aged 21 years or older.

The interior of Vanderpump à Paris is a sight to behold, with a breathtakingly long, white marble bar embedded with crystal chandeliers in wrought iron cages, unique bronze umbrellas situated on top of the marble, and massive windows that overlook the Eiffel Tower and Seine River. The decor is a blend of modern and vintage Parisian aesthetics, with a touch of Vanderpump's signature style, which they've dubbed "romantic industrial."

The menu at Vanderpump à Paris is as extravagant as its decor. It features a variety of dishes that are not only delicious but also visually appealing. Some of the standout dishes include Birdcage aux Fromages, a selection of cheeses served in a birdcage instead of on a board, and Birdcage de Charcuterie, an assortment of meats served with house-made potato chips. The restaurant also offers a unique take on traditional French dishes like ratatouille, which is fried tempura-style, and coq au vin pot pie.

The cocktails at Vanderpump à Paris are as exuberant as Vanderpump herself. Her favorite, the French Poodle, incorporates gin, "cupcake cotton candy" and gold flakes. Another notable cocktail is Louvre at First Sight, a mezcal drink served under a pyramid, with hickory smoke wafting under the glass.

With its lavish decor, reimagined French cuisine, and Vanderpump’s discerning touches, Vanderpump à Paris brings a unique dining experience to the Las Vegas scene, making it one of the top casino restaurants in the world.

Giada, The Cromwell

The world of casino dining is a vibrant and diverse landscape, offering a plethora of culinary delights that cater to a wide range of palates. Among the top 20 casino restaurants in the world, Giada at The Cromwell in Las Vegas stands out for its unique blend of Italian cuisine with a Californian twist.

Helmed by renowned Food Network personality, Giada De Laurentiis, the restaurant offers an immersive dining experience that combines exquisite food with stunning views of the iconic Bellagio fountains. The menu is a testament to Giada's culinary prowess, featuring signature dishes such as lemon spaghetti, chicken cacciatore, and tiramisu. Each dish is meticulously crafted, reflecting Giada's commitment to authenticity and quality.

The dining room at Giada is a visual treat in itself, designed with a serene palette of neutral tones and wood accents. The space also features a large bar and lounge area, perfect for enjoying a pre-dinner cocktail. For those seeking a more intimate dining experience, Giada also offers a private room for special events.

One of the highlights of dining at Giada is the opportunity to enjoy the restaurant's tasting menu. Priced between $120-$150 per person, the tasting menu offers a curated selection of dishes, allowing diners to sample a variety of Giada's culinary creations. It's worth noting that the dress code at Giada leans towards business casual or casual dressy attire, adding to the overall upscale yet relaxed ambiance of the restaurant.

In addition to its dinner offerings, Giada also serves up a delightful brunch menu, featuring Italian-inspired favorites like breakfast calzones and polenta waffles. Whether you're starting your day with a hearty brunch or ending it with a sumptuous dinner, Giada offers a taste of 'la dolce vita' in the heart of Vegas.

Top of the World restaurant, Stratosphere Tower

The world of casino dining is a realm of luxury and indulgence, where the finest culinary experiences are paired with the thrill of gaming. Top of the World restaurant stands out for its unique blend of gastronomy and spectacle.

Perched more than 800 feet above the bustling Las Vegas Strip, the Top of the World restaurant offers an unparalleled dining experience. The restaurant revolves 360 degrees every 80 minutes, providing diners with a breathtaking bird's eye view of the city. This revolving feature, combined with the restaurant's award-winning menu of steaks and seafood, makes it a must-visit destination for food lovers and thrill-seekers alike.

The Top of the World restaurant is known for its focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Guests are required to purchase at least one entree per person, with a minimum value of $45. The entree prices typically range from $45-$75, although some select dishes may cost more. The menu features a variety of contemporary American dishes, including braised beef short rib and seared salmon, which are sure to satisfy any palate.

In addition to its culinary offerings, the Top of the World restaurant is also renowned for its romantic ambiance. The rich burgundy carpeting, sparkling white tablecloths, and complete table settings create an intimate atmosphere that is perfect for whispered conversations and special occasions.

The Top of the World restaurant has received numerous accolades for its fine dining experience, including the Wine Spectator Award of Excellence for 24 years in a row. It has also been recognized by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Nevada Magazine, TripAdvisor, and OpenTable.

Whether you're looking for a memorable meal or a unique way to experience Las Vegas, the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere Tower offers an unforgettable blend of gourmet cuisine and stunning views.

Amada, Ocean Casino Resort, Atlantic City

Chef Jose Garces, a James Beard Award-winning culinary authority of Spanish and Latin-American food, is the mastermind behind Amada. Born to Ecuadorian parents and raised in Chicago, Garces' passion for cooking was cultivated at a young age by his grandmother, Mamita Amada. His culinary journey took him from Chicago's Kendall College School of Culinary Arts to top-rated professional kitchens in New York City and Philadelphia. Today, he is known for his innovative approach to food and his educational style.

Amada, which opened its doors in 2005, is part of Garces Group's impressive portfolio of restaurants spread across Philadelphia, Chicago, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, and Atlantic City. The restaurant offers an authentic Andalusian tapas bar experience, with a menu that reflects Garces' deep understanding and appreciation of Spanish cuisine. From Jamon Serrano to Tortilla Española and Patatas Bravas, the dishes served at Amada are reminiscent of Spain's most popular tapas.

The restaurant is located within the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, a city known for its bustling casino scene. The resort itself is among the most famous casinos in the world, rivalling the likes of Bellagio in Las Vegas. Amada's location within this iconic resort adds to its allure, making it a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts and casino-goers alike.

The dining experience at Amada is further enhanced by its ambiance. Described as casual, trendy, intimate, romantic, and classy, the restaurant provides a comfortable and stylish setting for its guests. The service is top-notch, with knowledgeable staff ready to guide diners through the extensive menu.

In addition to its regular offerings, Amada also features a G&T Bar where guests can customize their own gin and tonic cocktails. This unique feature, coupled with the restaurant's commitment to quality and authenticity, has earned Amada a rating of 4.0 stars from 234 reviews.

In conclusion, Amada stands out as one of the top casino restaurants in the world, thanks to Chef Jose Garces' culinary expertise, its authentic Spanish tapas menu, its location within the renowned Ocean Casino Resort, and its exceptional service and ambiance. Whether you're a fan of Spanish cuisine, a casino enthusiast, or simply looking for a memorable dining experience, Amada is a destination worth considering.

Capriccio, Resorts Casino Hotel, Atlantic City

Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey, is home to Capriccio, one of the world's top casino restaurants. This award-winning Italian restaurant has been lauded by dining critics and guests for years, thanks to its excellent service, mouthwatering menu, and spectacular views of Atlantic City and beyond.

Capriccio was established within Resorts Casino Hotel, which holds the distinction of being Atlantic City's first casino. The casino opened its doors on May 26, 1978, marking a significant milestone as the first legal casino outside of Nevada. The site, originally occupied by two three-story wooden Quaker rooming houses, The Chalfonte House and The Haddon House, underwent a transformation to become Resorts International in 1968.

The restaurant itself offers an exquisite dining experience, serving gourmet Italian cuisine prepared with passion and tradition. The ingredients used are fresh and high-quality, ensuring that every meal is a pleasurable and memorable experience. The restaurant's ambiance is reminiscent of old-world Italy, with vaulted ceilings, crystal chandeliers, beautiful murals adorning the walls, and a spectacular ocean view.

Capriccio operates under the ownership of DGMB Casinos and the operating license holder, Mohegan Gaming & Entertainment. It is open for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm. The dress code is smart casual, and the restaurant offers various amenities such as banquet facilities, a full bar, gluten-free options, patio/outdoor dining, takeout, wheelchair access, and a wine list.

The restaurant's reputation is further bolstered by numerous positive reviews from diners who have praised the food, service, and ambiance. The restaurant also takes safety precautions seriously, sanitizing surfaces between seatings, providing sanitizer or wipes for customers, maintaining physical distancing, and requiring waitstaff and diners to wear masks.

In conclusion, Capriccio at Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City offers a unique blend of fine dining, elegant ambiance, and casino entertainment, making it a must-visit destination for food lovers and casino enthusiasts worldwide.

Café Martinique, Atltantis Paradise Resort, Bahamas

Café Martinique, nestled within the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort in the Bahamas, is a globally recognized dining destination that offers an extraordinary gastronomic experience. The restaurant's ambiance is reminiscent of the original Café Martinique featured in the 1965 James Bond film "Thunderball," complete with a vintage birdcage elevator and a grand staircase, adding to its old-world charm.

The culinary offerings at Café Martinique are a delightful fusion of French gourmet cuisine and tropical flavors, crafted by the renowned Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten. The menu is a playful yet sophisticated reinterpretation of classic French dishes, incorporating fresh local Bahamian ingredients. Notably, the restaurant has also been graced by the culinary expertise of Chef Adrien Delcourt from Paris' celebrated Jules Verne restaurant, further enhancing its reputation for world-class dining.

In addition to its exquisite food, Café Martinique boasts an impressive wine list featuring selections from around the world. The restaurant's commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience extends to its service, which is attentive and personalized, ensuring that every guest feels special.

Moreover, Café Martinique has been a key participant in the resort's Taste of Paradise Food & Wine Festival, where Michelin-starred, James Beard Award-winning Chef Michael White took over the kitchen for a multi-course epicurean experience. This event showcased the restaurant's ability to deliver a spectacular dining experience, further cementing its status as one of the top casino restaurants globally.

Whether it's the refined French-inspired dishes, the elegant setting, or the exceptional service, Café Martinique offers a dining experience that is truly unparalleled, making it a must-visit destination for food connoisseurs visiting the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.

Best Casino Restaurants in Asia

Many of the best casino restaurants in Asia can be found in Macau and Singapore. Here is our hand-picked list.

Wing Lei Palace at Wynn Palace in Macau, China

Wing Lei Palace, located within the luxurious Wynn Palace in Macau, China, is a culinary gem that has earned its place among the world's top casino restaurants. This esteemed establishment is the first Chinese cuisine restaurant in North America to be awarded a Michelin Star, a testament to its exceptional quality and innovation. The restaurant is helmed by celebrated chef Tam Kwok Fung, a leading authority on refined Cantonese cuisine who has cooked for worldwide dignitaries, from royal families to heads of state.

The restaurant offers a unique blend of Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechuan flavors, with a menu that changes daily to celebrate seasonality and the purity of flavor found in singular ingredients. Signature dishes include the steamed blue lobster, served atop a sauce made from egg white and 20-year-aged Shaoxing wine, and the indulgent lychee wood-roasted goose dressed with black truffles, arranged over a bed of vegetable fried rice.

The opulent setting of Wing Lei Palace is a feast for the eyes, marrying the architecture and culture of Imperial China with the lavish, three-tiered design of a European Opera House. Decorated in gold, white, and green tones, the restaurant offers panoramic views of the resort's Performance Lake, adding to the overall dining experience.

In addition to its outstanding food, Wing Lei Palace also boasts an extensive collection of fine wines and signature cocktails created by master mixologists at its bar. The restaurant operates under a business casual dress code, ensuring an atmosphere of sophistication and elegance.

Despite the absence of a Michelin guide for Las Vegas since 2008-2009, Wing Lei Palace continues to uphold its high standards, earning a rating of 4.5 for both food and service from TripAdvisor travelers. With its combination of exquisite cuisine, luxurious ambiance, and exceptional service, Wing Lei Palace remains a must-visit destination for gourmands visiting Macau.

Waku Ghin, Singapore

Casino restaurants are known for their diverse and upscale offerings, and one of the finest examples of this is Waku Ghin, located within the iconic Marina Bay Sands Casino and Resort in Singapore. This esteemed establishment is the brainchild of acclaimed Chef Tetsuya Wakuda, a culinary maestro who has earned international recognition for his innovative fusion of traditional Japanese techniques with modern European influences.

Waku Ghin is renowned for its intimate and exclusive dining experience. With only 25 seats available each evening, diners are treated to a unique gastronomic journey that is both personal and immersive. The restaurant's 10-course degustation menu, priced at $450++ per person, is a testament to Chef Wakuda's commitment to quality and innovation. Each dish is meticulously crafted using the freshest seasonal ingredients, sourced from around the world and within the region.

waku ghin one of asia's best casino restaurants

One of the highlights of dining at Waku Ghin is the personal chef's table, where guests can witness the artistry and precision that goes into preparing their meals. This interactive element adds an extra layer of excitement and exclusivity to the dining experience, making it a memorable occasion for all who partake.

In addition to its exceptional cuisine, Waku Ghin also boasts an elegant ambiance, complete with private dining rooms that offer spectacular views overlooking The Shoppes and the beautiful waterfront. Guests can also unwind at the bar, where they can choose from a selection of handcrafted Japanese-style cocktails, meticulously-sourced wines, and premium sake collections.

Waku Ghin's commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed. The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars, a prestigious accolade that is testament to the quality of its food and dining experience. It is also recognized as one of the best restaurants in Singapore, further cementing its status as a premier dining destination.

In conclusion, Waku Ghin exemplifies the high standard of culinary offerings found in casino restaurants. Its blend of exceptional cuisine, elegant ambiance, and unparalleled service make it a must-visit for any food connoisseur. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or simply a lover of fine dining, Waku Ghin promises an unforgettable gastronomic adventure.

Jade Dragon, Macau

Jade Dragon, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant located in the City of Dreams casino resort in Macau, is recognized as one of the top casino restaurants in the world. This culinary gem is celebrated for its refined Cantonese cuisine and impeccable service, offering an elevated dining experience that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation.

The interior of Jade Dragon exudes luxury and elegance, reflecting a modern interpretation of Chinese aesthetics. The restaurant is particularly renowned for its extensive menu, which features exquisite dim sum, premium seafood, and unique takes on classic dishes. All these are crafted using high-quality ingredients sourced from around the globe.

One of the standout dishes at Jade Dragon is the Japanese hairy crabmeat dumpling, a creation of Chef Song Jian Li. Other recommended items include the Baked Iberico Pork Pastry, Jade Dragon Dumpling, Baked Australian Wagyu Beef Puff, and Steamed Kagani Crabmeat Dumpling. The restaurant's new dim sum menu has been wildly popular, with critics praising the delicate and flaky pastry of the dumplings and the impressive flavors of the fillings.

In addition to the food, guests at Jade Dragon can enjoy a wide selection of fine teas, handpicked to complement the flavors of the dishes. The restaurant also adheres to a smart casual dress code, requiring gentlemen to wear long ankle-length trousers with closed footwear.

Jade Dragon's commitment to excellence in both cuisine and service sets it apart in Macau's thriving casino scene. Whether you're a food enthusiast or a casual diner, a visit to Jade Dragon promises an unforgettable gastronomic journey.

Robuchon au Dôme, Grand Lisboa Hotel, Macau

Located in the heart of Macau, the Grand Lisboa Hotel is home to one of the world's most prestigious dining destinations, Robuchon au Dôme. This three-Michelin-star restaurant is perched atop the hotel's dome, 238 meters above the ground, offering diners a breathtaking view of the city. The restaurant is owned and operated by SJM, a leading player in the Macau hospitality industry.

Robuchon au Dôme is renowned for its contemporary French cuisine, meticulously crafted by the late Joël Robuchon, who was often hailed as the best chef of the modern age. With an impressive tally of 31 Michelin stars spread across his restaurants worldwide, Robuchon's culinary prowess was unparalleled. He was also a mentor to many famous chefs, including Gordon Ramsay, Eric Ripert, and Michael Caines.

Today, the kitchen at Robuchon au Dôme is led by Executive Chef Julien Tongourian, who continues to uphold the high standards set by Robuchon. The restaurant offers a superb menu of French gastronomic delights, complemented by an extensive and exclusive wine collection of over 17,800 labels.

The restaurant's interior is as impressive as its culinary offerings. A stunning crystal light chandelier made up of over 131,500 pieces of Swarovski cascades from the ceiling, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The enchanting atmosphere is further enhanced by Baccarat floor lamps and sculptures designed by renowned English Furniture Maker, Viscount Linley.

Dining at Robuchon au Dôme is a formal affair, with a dress code requiring jackets and ties. The restaurant has retained its three Michelin stars for 12 consecutive years from 2009 to 2019, a testament to its consistent excellence. Despite its high-end status, the restaurant is known for its impeccable service, reminiscent of old-fashioned European high society standards.

In conclusion, Robuchon au Dôme at the Grand Lisboa Hotel in Macau stands as a shining beacon of culinary excellence, offering a dining experience that is truly worth a special journey.

Best Casino Restaurants in Europe

Europe is home of some of the most famous and oldest casinos. Not for nothing, Monte Carlo leads our European list besides Estoril and London. Here is the list of the best casino cuisine in Europe.

Le Train Bleu, Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco

Le Train Bleu, a two-Michelin star restaurant, is nestled within the Casino de Monte-Carlo in Monaco, one of the world's most prestigious gambling establishments. This fine-dining venue, established in 1901, is renowned for its authentic French cuisine and has been a favorite among celebrities and discerning diners for over a century. The restaurant's interior is a faithful reproduction of a Belle Époque-era train car, complete with historical decor that includes gold lounges and Tunisian and Algerian lounges.

The culinary offerings at Le Train Bleu are as impressive as its decor. The menu features a gourmet take on fine Italian cuisine, with a focus on seafood such as wild fish, langoustines, and lobster, expertly paired with seasonal produce. The restaurant's commitment to quality and authenticity is evident in every dish, each served with passion by the skilled culinary team led by Chef Saez-Manzanares and primary sous-chef, Eric Rouvidant.

Despite its sophisticated ambiance, Le Train Bleu maintains a welcoming atmosphere for all guests. However, patrons are advised to dress appropriately to match the restaurant's elegant setting. The establishment is also known for its impressive wine selection, with sommeliers on hand to recommend the perfect pairing for each dish.

Le Train Bleu's location within the Casino de Monte-Carlo adds to its allure. The casino is a playground for the rich and famous, featuring grand casinos, designer shopping centers, opulent bars, and clubs. It's a place where high-stakes gambling meets high-end dining, making Le Train Bleu a must-visit destination for those seeking a taste of the good life in Monaco.

In conclusion, Le Train Bleu stands out as one of the top casino restaurants in the world, offering a unique blend of gastronomic excellence, historical charm, and glamorous surroundings. Whether you're a seasoned gambler or a food enthusiast, a visit to Le Train Bleu promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Heliot Steak House, The Hippodrome Casino, London

Heliot Steak House, located within the grandeur of The Hippodrome Casino in London, is a dining experience that combines the thrill of gaming with exquisite gastronomy. Named after Claire Heliot, a renowned female daredevil and escapologist, this steak house offers an adventurous and unique dining experience that mirrors its namesake's daring spirit.

The restaurant is celebrated for its high-quality USDA prime steaks, which are aged between 4 to 6 weeks to enhance their rich flavor. But the culinary delights don't stop at steaks. Heliot Steak House boasts a diverse menu crafted by some of the finest chefs, offering a range of delectable dishes that cater to various palates.

The ambiance of Heliot Steak House is a blend of upscale elegance and theatrical charm, reflecting the building's original purpose as a prominent entertainment venue. Its location within one of the UK's largest casinos adds an extra layer of excitement to the dining experience, making it an ideal spot for those seeking a meal with a twist.

As of 2023, Heliot Steak House continues to be recognized as one of the top casino restaurants globally, offering a unique fusion of fine dining and thrilling entertainment.

Estoril Mandarim, Casino Estoril, Lisbon

The Estoril Mandarim, located within the Casino Estoril, is a luxurious dining establishment that offers an exquisite culinary experience. This restaurant is renowned for serving traditional Chinese dishes from the Guangdong region in China, making it one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Europe. The restaurant's reputation extends beyond the borders of Portugal, earning it worldwide prestige.

The Estoril Mandarim is not just about food; it also offers a unique dining experience. The restaurant is part of the historic Casino Estoril, catering to high-rollers and inhabitants of the five-star hotels in the area. The atmosphere is luxurious and well-heeled, making it a perfect place for those seeking a glamorous dining experience.

Despite some mixed reviews, the Estoril Mandarim continues to be a popular choice among visitors. Some patrons have praised the professional and friendly service, as well as the selection of Portuguese wines. However, others have noted that while the quality of the food is acceptable, it lacks the imagination and flair expected from a top-level restaurant.

In addition to the Estoril Mandarim, Casino Estoril is surrounded by a plethora of other dining options. These range from Italian, Mediterranean, European, and Portuguese cuisines to Japanese sushi and fusion dishes. Some of the notable restaurants include Lamassa - Fresh Handmade Pasta, Piazza di Estoril, Sushi Toro Estoril, and Grill Four Seasons, among others.

Casino Estoril, with its rich history and diverse culinary offerings, continues to be a significant attraction in Estoril. Whether you're a fan of James Bond, a gaming enthusiast, or a food lover, this iconic establishment has something to offer everyone.

Best Casino Restaurants in Australia

Even down under, you can find excellent casino restaurants. The Australian capital of casino dining is Melbourne. Here's the list.

Rockpool Bar & Grill Crown Casino Melbourne

Rockpool Bar & Grill, located within the Crown Casino complex in Melbourne, Australia, is a culinary gem that has earned its place among the top 10 casino restaurants in the world. The restaurant was established in February 1989 by award-winning chef Neil Perry and his business partner Trish Richards, with the aim of creating one of Australia's finest dining establishments. Today, Rockpool Bar & Grill is owned by Quadrant Private Equity investment firm, following a merger with Urban Purveyor Group in 2016.

The restaurant is renowned for its commitment to sourcing only the best Australian produce. This dedication is evident in their unrivaled beef selection, which is sourced directly from the country's top farmers, dry-aged in-house, and butchered on site to ensure quality control. Their seafood is equally impressive, with close relationships with fishermen and producers ensuring that they know exactly when and how their fish was caught.

At the helm of the kitchen is Executive Chef Santiago Aristizabal, who started as a Junior Chef in 2009 under the tutelage of Culinary Director Corey Costelloe. Together with Head Chefs Declan Carroll and Brendan Owens at Rockpool Melbourne and Perth respectively, they uphold Rockpool’s commitment to provenance and celebrate Australia’s finest produce.

The dining experience at Rockpool Bar & Grill extends beyond the plate. The restaurant's interior is a blend of sophistication and warmth, featuring high ceilings, contemporary decor, and ambient lighting. For those seeking a more private dining experience, the restaurant offers three unique private dining rooms, each boasting its own unique ambiance and features.

Despite its upscale offerings, Rockpool Bar & Grill maintains an inviting and unpretentious atmosphere. The staff are known for their genuine hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and comfortable. The dress code is relaxed, allowing guests to enjoy their meal without feeling self-conscious about their attire.

In addition to its regular offerings, Rockpool Bar & Grill also hosts special events and offers set menus for occasions requiring pre-payment. Reservations are highly recommended due to the restaurant's popularity, and the restaurant has a cancellation policy in place to ensure that all guests have the opportunity to enjoy their dining experience.

With its exceptional cuisine, stunning ambiance, and commitment to quality, Rockpool Bar & Grill at Crown Casino Melbourne truly stands out as one of the best casino restaurants in the world.

Silks Restaurant, Crown Casino, Melbourne

Situated within the grandeur of Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia, Silks Restaurant is a culinary gem that has earned its reputation as one of the finest casino restaurants worldwide. The restaurant's ambiance exudes an aura of sophistication and comfort, making it a perfect blend of luxury and homeliness. Silks specializes in offering traditional Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist, ensuring a unique dining experience for its patrons.

The menu at Silks is a testament to the culinary prowess of its chefs, who meticulously craft each dish using fresh, high-quality ingredients. The diverse range of offerings includes everything from the succulent Peking duck to the mouth-watering dim sums, all presented with an impeccable flair. To enhance the dining experience, Silks also offers an extensive wine list, thoughtfully curated to complement the flavors of the food.

The restaurant's commitment to providing exceptional service is evident in the attentive staff, who ensure that every patron feels instantly at home. Adding to the overall dining experience are the stunning views of the Melbourne skyline, which provide a breathtaking backdrop to the exquisite culinary journey at Silks.

Owned by Crown Resorts Limited, Australia's largest gaming and entertainment group, Crown Casino Melbourne was listed on the Australian Securities Exchange until it was purchased by Blackstone in June 2022. The casino complex is home to several other dining establishments, each offering a unique gastronomic experience. However, Silks stands out for its combination of luxurious ambiance, exceptional cuisine, and unparalleled service, making it a must-visit destination for food connoisseurs and casino enthusiasts alike.

One More thing! The Best Buffet Restaurant in the World

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas redefines the concept of buffet dining with its 16 separate food kitchens, each specializing in different cuisines. From the Latin Street Food station serving up tantalizing tamales and fajitas, to the Sushi station offering fresh sashimi, there's something to satisfy every palate.

The buffet also features an array of made-to-order dishes, ensuring that guests always receive fresh and hot meals. Whether you're craving Asian favorites like Thai chicken wings and stir-fry, or Italian classics like pasta and meatballs, The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas has got you covered.

For those with a sweet tooth, the dessert station is a must-visit. It offers mini versions of classic desserts like chocolate lava cake, creme brulee, and carrot cake, allowing guests to sample a variety of sweets without overindulging. There's also a Gelato Bar with rotating flavors and an array of toppings for a personalized treat.

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas also caters to various dietary preferences, offering vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and Halal-compliant foods. Guests can simply ask one of the chefs for guidance on which dishes fit their dietary needs.

In addition to its extensive food offerings, The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas also provides an Endless Pours Package. For a set price, guests can enjoy unlimited beer, wine, mimosas, and select cocktails, making it the perfect accompaniment to a hearty meal.

Despite being a buffet, service at The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas is top-notch. Servers are responsible for getting drinks, clearing plates, and attending to any needs guests may have. Tipping is encouraged, with a minimum of $5 or 10% suggested for buffet service.

The Buffet at Wynn Las Vegas truly offers a feast of options, making it the best casino buffet in the world. Whether you're a foodie looking to explore global cuisines or a casual diner seeking a satisfying meal, this buffet promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Finding the Best Casino Restaurant Near Me

Finding the best casino restaurants near you depends on your location and preference. Whether you're in the US, Europe, Asia, or Australia, there's a wide array of casino restaurants offering unique and tantalizing dining experiences that go beyond the gaming tables.

The casino dining scene in the US has evolved significantly over the years, moving away from buffet-style food lines to more sophisticated culinary experiences. Top-notch casino restaurants now offer a variety of cuisines, from prime rib to Italian, with several establishments even featuring celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Martha Stewart. These restaurants provide quality ingredients, exceptional service, and an ambient atmosphere that enhances the overall casino experience.

Casino Estoril in Lisbon, Portugal, and Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco offer some of the best casino dining in Europe. Or maybe you prefer London for your casino evening dinner near you. Asia offers a different flavor of casino dining. Macau, often referred to as the "Monte Carlo of the East," is the hub of casino tourism and casino cuisine in Asia. Lastly, in Australia, there are a variety of restaurants that offer a diverse range of cuisines to satisfy every palate.

Whether you're in the US, Europe, Asia, or Australia, there's a wide array of casino restaurants offering unique and tantalizing dining experiences that go beyond the gaming tables.

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